Ada Jobs Foundation is Now Hiring: Technology Community Manager

Job Type:    Full Time

Organization:     Ada Jobs Foundation

Location:     Ada, Oklahoma

The Ada Jobs Foundation is seeking a new candidate to serve as our full-time Technology Manager. This is an opportunity to create an event and outreach program to reach members of a growing community of technologists, inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs in Southern Oklahoma. The position will be focused on developing regular events to connect the technology community, creating virtual spaces for interaction, and organizing quarterly leadership roundtable events in our region to support efforts to develop new scalable technology startups. This position is part of our work to carry out an EDA Build to Scale grant and will report directly to the Ada Jobs Foundation CEO.


  • The salary for this position is $45,000 to $55,000, depending on skill and experience.

  • Full benefits include health/dental/vision insurance, employer matched SIMPLE IRA, and vehicle and cell phone allowances.

  • Opportunities for employer-paid professional development.


  • Work closely to reach and support people who are passionate about developing new technologies in rural, Southern Oklahoma

  • Connect with state and national networks focused on improving outcomes for scalable technology startups in rural communities.

  • Be part of a growing team who are focused on developing and scaling services for entrepreneurs.


We are looking for a candidate who can help us achieve the following performance outcomes within the three years of starting work at the Ada Jobs Foundation:

  • Coordinate at least 36 technology meetup events in the Ada region.

  • Recruit at least 50 unique participants to technology-focused events organized by the Ada Jobs Foundation.

  • Convene at least 8 quarterly Leadership Roundtable meetings in our region which will be focused on convening entrepreneurs, partners, and community stakeholders focused on developing new scalable technology startups.

In addition to these outcomes, the Technology Community Manager will also be responsible for the following activities

  • Oversee regular communication with local entrepreneurs, researchers, technologists, partner organizations, and other day-to-day work related to technology community development in Ada and Southern Oklahoma.

  • Track key information and metrics related to our work connected to the EDA Build to Scale grant program.

  • Recruit and schedule speakers for regular, technology meetup events throughout the year.

  • Communicate the importance of local technology development to local community members and stakeholders.


  • We prefer a candidate with strong communication skills, an interest in working with researchers, inventors and technologists.

  • The candidate will need a working familiarity with cloud-based office productivity software and the ability to communicate professionally.

  • There are no education or professional experience requirements for this role.

Application Process

  1. Submit a cover letter, resume, and up to 3 professional references before February 11th, 2022. All applications can be addressed to Jim Eldridge and sent via

  2. The first round of interviews is expected to be scheduled with a select group of candidates starting on the week of February 21st. These interviews will cover a broad range of topics and will allow you to ask questions and learn more about the position and the Ada Jobs Foundation

  3. A second round of interviews will be scheduled on afterwards.

  4. A final decision will be announced once an offer is accepted.

About the Ada Jobs Foundation

The Ada Jobs Foundation a 501(c)3 nonprofit economic development organization in Southern Oklahoma and leads economic development organization in Ada and Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. We are an accredited economic development organization through the International Economic Development Council. Since 2020, we have worked with the Center on Rural Innovation to develop a digital economy strategy and we are a member of the Rural Innovation Network. Recently, we have led a dynamic and community-focused strategic development effort, and we are working to expand our economic development work to encompass local business expansions, workforce development, and community revitalization efforts. We are committed to hiring a diverse and talented team that can best serve the needs of our community and further our goals for inclusive economic development.

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