More Than Just Oil Changes: The Human Touch of Garage on the Go

By: Sunnie Dawn Baker

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself when you least expect it. And sometimes, if you are like Parker Deliz, you seize opportunities wherever you find them. For Deliz, it started simple. He needed an oil change but didn’t want to pay anyone. As a teenager, he fully recognized YouTube’s potential for learning new skills. He found a how-to video and taught himself to change his own oil. When he realized how easy it was, he decided to start his own business, changing other people’s oil. But that was only the beginning.

Deliz, currently a senior at Byng High School, seized this opportunity and decided to start his own business: Garage on the Go. His dad, Jonathan, invested in the business, purchasing tools for Deliz and assisting him in brainstorming a catchy name. Deliz compiled a list of on-the-go services he can provide. Garage on the Go provides basic automotive maintenance, with the unique feature of coming to you. They can visit your house or place of work. Wherever your car is, Deliz will arrive with his tools and supplies, ready to assist. Deliz offers services such as oil changes, battery replacements, wiper replacements, bulb replacements, headlight restoration, and brake pads. Additionally, every service includes a free ten-point inspection.

Deliz is passionate about keeping the services affordable for his customers. He genuinely wants to help people. He says, “Instead of getting the most money, I want to help people and have as much outreach as possible.” As a result, he informs his customers about any serious issues they should be aware of, or potential future issues, without attempting to upsell his services. He aims to deliver a good product to his customers while also fostering good relationships.

Deliz considers relationships and conversations one of the most important parts of his business, and one of the reasons he loves what he does. If he worked in a traditional oil change shop, he wouldn’t be able to get to know his customers the way he does now. Usually, when he goes to somebody’s house, they stand outside and chat with him as he does the work. Of course, the customer doesn’t have to do this if they are busy, but a lot of times, Deliz encounters customers who need to have a good, positive social interaction with someone, especially if they are older and live alone. He relishes these moments, where he can truly connect with another person while also providing them with a necessary service.

Another thing that sets Garage on the Go apart from other automotive companies is how Deliz has harnessed technology to provide excellent and accurate service to his customers. One of the first things Deliz did was set up social media accounts and purchase a Popl, which is a digital business card. When a customer scans the Popl with their device, it brings up a page with links to all of Deliz’s contact info, payment information, and his website. If a customer wants to use his service, they click on the website, which takes them to a Google form. Once in the form, the user can input all of their contact information. On the next page, the user inputs all of their vehicle information. It goes beyond year, make, and model; to ensure everything is ready when Deliz services the vehicle, he also needs to know the vehicle engine. Once this information is entered, the client can choose which services they would like. The last step is to choose a date from the calendar, after which Deliz will contact the customer for final details.

Google not only provides an easy way for customers to request services, but it also allows Deliz to easily transfer all the information to a Google spreadsheet for analysis. This lets him track his own customer trends. When is business steady and when is it slow? What types of services do customers request the most? Do certain services get ordered more often at certain times than others? All this data allows him to find ways to improve his business and even provide special deals for his customers.

While Deliz faces the challenge of running his own business while still in high school, he also harbors high hopes for future expansion. One exciting aspect of this business is that every additional investment in new tools or equipment can expand Garage on the Go’s services. However, in addition to this, the business operates with very low overhead. If anything, he might eventually need a storage space to keep his equipment, but he doesn’t have to worry about investing in a brick-and-mortar location. One area where he is eyeing expansion, though, is the possibility of hiring employees who can also provide mobile services, enabling Deliz to serve more customers over a wider area. In addition to kindness, Deliz also values hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude in his employees. He wants individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to provide exceptional service and who are committed to helping the business succeed. Deliz believes that by fostering a culture of kindness and hard work, Garage on the Go can continue to grow and make a positive impact in the community.

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