The Ada area is served by three main school districts: Ada, Byng, and Latta. The county has an open transfer policy that allows students to transfer between districts in the area.

Ada Public Schools

The Ada Public School System provides a quality education for over 2,600 students. There are four elementary grade centers, one junior high school, and one high school in this district. Ada's student teacher ratio is 15.3:1. All of Ada's teachers are required to complete a Master's degree within five years of employment, at the district's expense. Ada's senior graduation rate is 90.8%. The average senior GPA is 3.1 and the average ACT score is 24.


The Ada Public School System offers a variety of programs to further you children’s education and growth.

The Glenwood Early Childhood Center provides an educational opportunities for Ada’s youngest children. Developmentally delayed children can attend a Preschool Program. Pre-K and Kindergarten programs are available to all students as well.

Hayes Elementary teaches first and second grades in a unique team-based atmosphere. Before and after school programs are available free of charge to students. Other services include tutoring, and homework assistance.

Washington Elementary, third and fourth grades, provide numerous activities to ensure your children’s academic growth. An enrichment program and accelerated reader program provide additional opportunities for your children to succeed. Washington Elementary also plans numerous after school events to reward students for successes in school. Before and after school programs are also available to students.

Willard Elementary’s unique schedule prepares students for the transition from elementary to middle school. Students in fifth and sixth grade have several class changes each day. Enrichment and Accelerated Reader programs are also available to students. Sixth graders also get to participate in a unique outdoor classroom experience, Camp Goddard. Willard also offers a before school program to students.

Ada Junior High, grades seventh, eighth, and ninth, offer a wide variety of programs to meet your children’s interests. Advanced Placement programs and classes are offered in every grade. Tutoring is also available to students. Students can choose from a wide variety of electives, ranging from the arts, to computers, to life management skills. Athletic programs are also available to students.

Ada High School is the last stop for students in the Ada School System. Students can join numerous clubs and organizations during high school. Advanced Placement programs are available to challenge students, and prepare them for college.

Byng Public Schools

Byng Schools provides education for 1,650 students each year. Byng has three elementary, one junior high, and one high school in their district, with at 16.2:1 student teacher ratio. The senior graduation rate is 95.1%, with high school seniors averaging a GPA of 2.7.

Latta Public Schools

The Latta School System serves over 700 students each year at their elementary, junior high and high school. Latta maintains a 16.4:1 student teacher ratio and a 95.4% senior graduation rate. The average senior GPA is 2.8. 

  Ada Public Schools  Byng Public Schools  Latta Public Schools  State of Oklahoma Average 
Total Enrollment   2,613  1,723  724  1,194
4-Year Dropout Rate 20.1% 9.2%  15.7%  12.4%
Senior Graduation Rate 98.7%   98.9%  95.2%  97.8%
Aver. GPA of Seniors  3.2  2.7  3.1  3.0
Aver. ACT Composite Score  21.2  19.8  20.3  20.8
College Bound Rate  58.8%  59.4%  62.8%  59.0%
Oklahoma College Freshmen with GPA of 2.0 or greater  76.5%  69.1%  76.3%  70.3%
Oklahoma College Completion Rate  44.5%  46.1%  36.4%  44.0%

Report Cards

2009 Ada School District Report Card

2009 Byng School District Report Card

2009 Latta School District Report Card