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Solo Cup Celebrates 75 Years

9/21/2011 by Ada Jobs
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The company that brings you the iconic red party cup is celebrating 75 years of innovative product developments and foodservice solutions this year.

Widely recognized as an industry leader in single-use foodservice products, Solo Cup Company has brought creative solutions to market, from its humble beginnings to its current status as a $1.6 billion international company, headquartered and making products in America.

"Reaching 75 years of success is a major milestone for any company and this is the perfect opportunity to honor the achievements that have built Solo into an industry leader," said Robert M. Korzenski, President and CEO, Solo Cup Company. "Solo's reputation for providing thoughtful solutions to tough challenges stems from the creativity and dedication of employees and customers who push for better alternatives in materials, product benefits, and sustainability."

Solo traces its beginnings to Chicago's south side in 1936, when Leo Hulseman created the "Solo Cup", a simple, conical paper drinking cup designed with improved sanitation and convenience in mind. Today,most Solo products are still made in the United States and have become iconic symbols in American culture.

Solo Cup has operated a facility in Ada since 1970, and currently employs approximately 500 people. This facility manufactures a variety of cups, plates, and souffle's that you use every day.

For decades, Solo's products and innovations have been found everywhere in daily life - from your backyard BBQ, to the local coffee house, even the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. You've likely used a Solo product already just today.  So, next time you are in the plates and cup aisle at the grocery store, buy a Solo Cup, it just might have been made in Ada.