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Ada Jobs Foundation Spearheading Task Force to Address County Needs

4/5/2012 by Ada Jobs
Tags: Press Release

As a follow-up to the firefighter tax proposition, the Ada Jobs Foundation Board of Directors voted unanimously to lead the development of a countywide taskforce that would review the capital needs and develop a multi-faceted plan to address these needs.

The Ada Jobs Foundation Board was optimistic that this taskforce will bring city and county entities together to achieve the common goal of improving the quality of life and economic vitality of Pontotoc County. The taskforce would assess the capital needs in the entire county, including fire protection, water access, and roads and bridges.

Ada Jobs Foundation President & CEO, Michael Southard, stated, “County organizations and businesses did not feel that the firefighter tax was the best method to address the fire protection needs of Pontotoc County, because it did nothing to address the other capital needs in Pontotoc County. I am optimistic that this taskforce will be able to assess and prioritize needs, determine funding sources, and ultimately address the needs of all of Pontotoc County.”

The Ada Jobs Foundation Board of Directors indicated that the taskforce should include representatives from: Ada Area Chamber of Commerce, Ada Industrial Development Corporation, City of Ada, Pontotoc County, Area Businesses, Rural Water Districts, Pontotoc County Firefighters Association, Chickasaw Nation, East Central University, Pontotoc Technology Center, Public Schools, and all the municipalities in Pontotoc County. The vote should motivate these organizations to work together and to all “pull on the rope in the same direction” to achieve the common goals of all the citizens in Pontotoc County. During the board meeting, Southard indicated, “Now is the time for the leaders in Pontotoc County to come together and set aside personalities and past issues, so that WE all can work together to improve the economic viability of our county through capital improvement projects.”

Ada Jobs Foundation staff has already gained support from the Mayor of the City of Ada and the Chairman of the Pontotoc County Commissioners for the development of this taskforce, and plan to begin contacting the other entities in the coming weeks. The Ada Area Chamber of Commerce also indicated interest in participating. Yancy Spivey, Chairman, stated, “The Ada Area Chamber of Commerce is proud of the tireless efforts of rural volunteer fire departments. We believe a joint effort of citizens and community organizations would be very beneficial and effective to assist volunteer firefighters in their urgent needs. The AACOC would welcome the opportunity to assist in a joint task force addressing strategy and implementation of an action plan to address all the capital needs in Pontotoc County. ”