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Pontotoc Technology Center Offers Existing Industry and Safety Training Programs

8/1/2007 by Ada Jobs
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Pontotoc Technology Center has a variety of services available to the local business community. These services include two highly-beneficial training programs: Existing Industry and Safety Training. Existing Industry programs are designed to enhance and improve employee skills, which results in increased workplace efficiency. Safety Training is designed to improve overall workplace safety. The majority of area businesses are eligible to participate in both training programs at no or minimal cost to the business.

Existing Industry Training is customized to meet the needs of each individual business. Existing Industry Training Programs can range from basic computer skills to industry-specific topics. Pontotoc Technology Center utilizes a vast network of industry experts to conduct the training sessions. Ada Area businesses are encouraged to utilize the Existing Industry Training Program at Pontotoc Technology Center.

Safety Training is available on numerous topics including: Lockout/Tagout, Forklift Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Back Safety, HazWOper, CPR/First Aid, Electrical Safety, Hazardous Communication, Fire Safety, Safety Plan Development, Accident Investigation, Personal Protective Equipment, Welding Safety, Respiratory Protection, Heat Stress, Hearing Conservation, Violence in the Workplace, Front Desk Security, Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course (Insurance Reduction). If additional safety training is needed Pontotoc Technology Center can create a customized safety training program to meet specific industry needs. Safety Training is an excellent way to improve overall workplace safety and employee knowledge of safety issues.

Both Existing Industry and Safety Training programs can be conducted on-site or at Pontotoc Technology Center. Most training can be delivered FREE or at reasonable costs to employers. Local businesses interested in taking advantage of either of these programs should contact Jenny Cypert, Director of Business and Industry Services at 580 310-2245