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K&M Pump Co., Inc. Constructs New Facility

1/1/2006 by Ada Jobs
Tags: Business Development

Construction began on K&M Pump Co., Inc. new facility. The new 18,750 square foot facility is located in Ada Industrial Park South. The new facility will quadruple the workspace of K&M Pump Co., Inc. K&M Pump Co., Inc. was established in 1993 by Maurice and Kim Brashear. Among other distribution and manufacturing projects, K&M Pump develops and manufactures a custom brand of pumps. K&M Pump Co., Inc.  is known for its high quality products that are designed for easy access to internal parts. K&M Pump Co., Inc.’s relationships with international businesses have allowed it to grow the majority of its business through international imports and distribution. Construction on this facility is expected to be completed by summer 2006