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Ada City Leaders Preparing for Growth (KXII News 12)

9/14/2016 by Jessika Leatherbury
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Ada City Leaders Preparing for Growth

ADA, Okla. (KXII) -- "We're looking at people that want to move into town...and I feel like there's a lot more to offer now, especially in the last few years," said Ada Public Information Director Lisa Bratcher.

According to the Ada Jobs Foundation, Ada's unemployment rate has been the lowest among Southeast Oklahoma cities for the past six years, which may be the cause of the city's gradual yet continuous growth and development.

Ada Jobs President and CEO, Michael Southard, says it's important for everyone to recognize the city's efforts to improve the amount of jobs.

"Through the economic development office we've see a lot of growth over the last 10 years, from public investment, private investment to job growth, low unemployment rates, so we're seeing a lot of opportunities for people," said Southard.

The city council just rezoned North Mississippi across from Lonnie Abbot Boulevard for Arkansas-based grocery store, Harp's Food. The company has not yet set a date to begin construction, nor were they available for comment, but the city has taken steps to allow the new store in town.

Oklahoma City based craft store, Hobby Lobby, is also adding a store in Ada.

"Any time we're getting new stores we're offering more to everybody that comes into Ada, and saves us from driving out of town and spending our tax dollars out of town," said Bratcher.

Southard also added, 'the private side sees that there's the public side, the public sector is willing to invest in the community and that gives them a lot of assurance that they'll be able to make investments and recruit employees in the future."

In addition to retail growth, the city is in its final stages of building a new police and fire station. Both stations are set to open in early November.

"We're just really happy, the growth in Ada is ..it's a really exciting time to be in Ada," said Bratcher.